Births and Fresh 48

   "I am incredibly happy that I made the choice to have a photographer at the birth of my two children. Teresa from TinyMite's Photography did not disappoint. She captured a timeless experience that we can look back on for years to come. From the beginning she was very enthusiastic always making sure to stay up to date on baby prior to delivery and never leaving our side at the hospital. I love that she was able to capture the beauty in the precious and stressful time so that we could concentrate on the baby. She has had several children herself and been in  many births. Most of the time I did not even realize she was taking pictures, yet the moments she captured were incredible. I told my husband I don't even remember some of the things that happened but the pictures caught every moment. We got the pictures back in a very timely fashion and they were breathtaking! I probably looked at them a dozen times that day! From the service down to the product, we could not be happier! Teresa did an exceptional job capturing two of the greatest days of our lives and we are forever grateful for her talents!"

Stephanie Friesen

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