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Meet " TinyMite"


     I grew up in Small-town, USA. The youngest of six, I had a humble up-bringing in a large, loud, Jesus-loving home, filled with laughter, opinions, and personality to spare! I am grateful and blessed to remain close to my siblings and their families, we have seen one another through many trials and celebrated the triumphs with each other. My foundation is firm. 

     I am a full-time wife, mother and grandma. Rainy and lazy days offer an opportunity to lounge around with my family and watch movies or play games, I enjoy the time we spend together. I also love to travel, a quick trip to Vegas or running away to a beach makes my heart happy!

     If you know me, you know I am crazy about music and choose to  release my inner Reba when given a microphone and a karaoke setting! Singing from the heart gives me a joy I like to share!

     I also enjoy sharing my fanatical love for The Oklahoma Sooners—BOOMER! However, my blood runs Dodger Blue <3 through and through.  

     Aging has found me choosing healthier choices in the kitchen, but this Italian girl will always say yes to the pasta and cheesecake!!

     My strength, passion, and drive come from a deeply rooted faith and crazy love for Jesus. He continues to lead my path and reminds me that my dreams are possible. He is the source of my ever grateful heart. 

     I have been capturing memories for nearly 20 years. My clients become like family to me. 

    Inspired by people’s stories of love, hope, survival, determination and perseverance, I strive to create images that reflect the stories my clients are living. By doing so, each creation invokes an emotion they will hold dear for years to come. 

Let’s Work Together

1045 N Flood Ave 

Norman, Ok. 73026

Tel: 405-923-7226

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